Multitasking: Definition, Harmful Effects and How to Avoid Them

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Multitasking: Definition, Harmful Effects and How to Avoid Them

Today, everything is going fast. In work as in personal life, the faster you go, the better! Who has never boaste of having complete a task before the others? This culture of spee has obvious effects on the organization of our daily lives. Impacts that can be seen by the appearance of new practices, such as multitasking . Instead of doing one task at a time, why not do several to be able to go faster? Multitasking is an increasingly widespread practice, and there is a reason for this. But in reality. Our brain is made to carry out one task at a time. What if, after all, it was better to take our time.

Applied to humans, multitasking

I explain everything about multitasking and its consequences in our daily lives. definition multitasking What is Multitasking? To practice multitasking is to be multitasking. It’s a word that comes from the computer field and originally relate to operating systems, which could do several Spain Phone Number List things at once. Applie to humans, multitasking therefore consists of doing several things at the same time. For example, writing an article while listening to music or answering the phone. Talk with a friend while rereading content. There are many examples, in private and professional life. The reasons for the birth of multitasking are 3 in number: Human nature : always looking for novelty and stimulation to counter boredom Technology : we are now use to hyperconnection and multiple solicitations.

This explains the appearance of certain

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The world of work : ever more demanding in terms of profitability and productivity But unfortunately for us, the brain is wire to handle only one activity at a time. This explains the appearance of certain harmful effects of multitasking in our daily lives. The pros and cons of multitasking The benefits of multitasking are obvious: doing things faster, creating mental alertness, and being constantly challenge. However, we are things at once News US inevitably reduces attention . Look at it this way: let’s say you have 100% attention. If you think of just one thing, that attention is 100% focuse on ONE item. If you think about two things at once, each item receives 50% attention (or 75% – 25%, for example). However, who says less attention, says more risk of error. to excessive brain fatigue.

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