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MD: New changes to Google’s SEO rules: Penguin Update

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MD: New changes to Google’s SEO rules: Penguin Update

Last Updated April 26th, 2021 at 01:38 pmIn recent months, Google has made several changes to the positioning rules in its search engine. In an effort to improve the how to get a mexico phone number of its search results, the company is continually updating the rules and requirements for positioning within its page. This time, they have installed modifications whose learning is essential so that all those who work with SEO know how to get the most out of the search engine.


April has been one of the busiest months when it comes to changes. This means that many sites that had adapted their content to the previous system had to modify it to adapt it to the new rules. On April 24, the update that they finally called Penguin Update was released, aimed at Mexico Phone Number List  spam content that appears in various search results. However, this new provision has certain flaws that have affected web pages, qualifying them as Spam when they really were not.MD – Google Penguin Update

The Penguin Update has certain fundamental characteristics. The reasons why a website may be affected by the new system are:About optimizing keywords in the contents of a web pageAbuse of anchor text to link internal site pagesDuplicate or low-quality content
Aggressive link exchangeLittle or no variation of the anchor text in the incoming links to the webDetection of large numbers of links considered unnaturalDetection of evidence of having participated in private link buying and selling networks.These last two points are important since they mark the appearance of what would be called “negative SEO”, that is, positioning techniques and tools that result in an opposite effect to the optimization of the website. For these reasons, it is essential to adapt to the new changes that Google has imposed.

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