Do You Have Marketing Permission?

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Do You Have Marketing Permission?

How to make your marketing target authorize you to talk to them, to sell them your products and services? We then speak of permission. Inde, marketing can be resente by a number of people who see it as manipulation and intrusion. What is calle permission marketing (a term introduce by Seth Godin) solves this problem by using more ethical marketing. But do you know that you certainly already use certain notions of this permission marketing? Let’s see that by taking stock of the 4 rules it contains: Rule 1: Permission does not transfer Example: A user arrives on your site and leaves you his email (in exchange for a free gift that you have prepare for him for example).

Rule 2: Permission is based on selfishness

He therefore gives you permission to communicate with him, but you have no right to give or sell his email address to another company to communicate with him. the word or by the hour, he chooses. His client can inform, upstream, a threshold that he cannot exceed. So, if a client tries to negotiate yourOn the one Vietnam Phone Number List hand, it is illegal. And on the other hand, the user has not given permission. GDPR Remember that the GDPR purely and simply prohibits the transmission of the data you collect. Rule 2: Permission is based on selfishness We are not talking about your selfishness, but that of your target Internet user. your target’s ego.

In order, the stages of the relationship are:

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And yes, because what happens if the free gift you have prepared for him does not help him get closer to his goal or provide a solution to one of his frustrations? Well, he won’t give you permission because he won’t leave his email and you won’t be able to continue your relationship with him. This is News US why the content, both before and after he leaves his email, must be personalized and relevant to him. I was talking about relationships. The goal is to get them through each stage of the relationship to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and then customers into loyal customers.

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