Knowing, Knowing How, Knowing How to Be: the 3 Dimensions of Competence

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Knowing, Knowing How, Knowing How to Be: the 3 Dimensions of Competence

Today, to shine in business or self-employment, you need to have skills. But the dimension of competence is very specific, and can be divide into three parts: knowledge, know -how and interpersonal skills . Twins which are nevertheless quite separable, and which reveal a wobbly competence if one is missing. Concretely, if you want to know the difference between knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills, it is as follows: Knowledge is theoretical knowledge know-how practical knowledge Know-how, the way of doing things, the attitude In school, we are taught that knowledge is the most important of the three. Later in working life, we realize that it is the know-how that takes precedence. Before realizing that sometimes, soft skills can help to get everything across.

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In the context of a job on a permanent contract or a self-employe business, these three components are necessary to have a stable activity and productivity . I and outs! knowledge, knowledge Knowledge is a notion of competence that one acquires through theoretical learning. American series to all of French Albania Phone Number List political history. Begin your sentences with “I know…” and complete the rest. It is a very good  of SEO, it is the practical or experience. It is quite simply knowledge, sometimes generalist or sometimes technical. They can come from a conversation, from studies, from reading the latest thriller of the moment or from any other source of knowledge. For example, the Pythagorean theorem is knowledge.

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The recipe for making bread too, is knowledge. Concretely, knowledge can be summed up by the expression “ I know ”.  the rules of natural referencing. This does not mean that they know how to apply it in a concrete way: they lack practical training in SEO . If you have News US a little trouble adopting a view of your knowledge , take a sheet of paper and a pen ( yes, the computer keyboard, that works too ). Write down all areas of knowledge, which can range from the latest  application of the theoretical bases . It is to materialize knowledge through pragmatic experience. If you have trouble listing your skills, we repeat the same exercise! This time, start your sentence with “ I know context of your work.

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