Keyword Research – Seo Part 2

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Keyword Research – Seo Part 2

Do you want to optimize content? Then keyword research is necessary. By doing keyword research you know which words users are searching for and you add extra value to the content on your website. With this you lay the foundation to optimize your content for SEO and this is essential to score well. Did you miss the first part in the SEO blog series? Read more about SEO here .One way to think about this further is to ask your environment. Ask people in your area, such as friends and family, how they look for an SEO specialist and you will undoubtedly receive surprising answers. Also try to fill in as little as possible, so you get the most open and reliable answers.

How do I do keyword research?

If you start with a content strategy, or if you want to optimize your texts, it is important that you have data on which you can steer. Keywords, but also search USA Phone Number List volume or competition that also wants to score on the same keyword. You obtain this data through a keyword research and consists of a number of steps: Your visitors are just people. That is why you start a keyword research with logical thinking yourself. With which search terms do you want to be at the top of Google? Start by making a list and jotting down everything that comes to mind. If your specialization is SEO, write down all the words that relate to it, such as ‘SEO’, ‘keyword research’, ‘findable in Google’ and ‘search engine optimization’, but also: ‘How do I make my website findable’. Nothing is wrong, everything is allowed.

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Google Suggest and Related Searches

The information from Google Suggest is valuable and also very easy to use. Go to Google and enter your search term as you normally would. Google automatically gives you some suggestions when you start typing. You get the most reliable keywords when you open your browser in Incognito mode, so Google takes News US the least into account of previous searches. You can open an anonymous screen or incognito window in Google Chrome by right-clicking the Chrome icon and clicking “new incognito window”. It works the same in Firefox, only an incognito window is called a private window here. The keyword suggestions are also good to use. These are the keywords you see at the bottom of the SERP. Also note the relevant keywords in your keyword list here.

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