Make It Interesting With a Fun Corporate Event and Exciting Prizes

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Make It Interesting With a Fun Corporate Event and Exciting Prizes

In order to truly recognize those who have gone above and beyond and received the. Employee of the Month award, a fun company event is a great way to celebrate those accomplishments and further. Motivate those who may not have won. this time. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but something like a company-paid lunch or happy hour is a great way to bring the whole team together and congratulate the winners. Also, try to avoid cash prizes. While a cash prize may seem like a good choice, thoughtful gifts are more meaningful to employees. Jeff Haden, author of “The Motivation Myth” gives some examples of good prize ideas.

For example: Dinner with the boss or CEO

A weekend at the hotel for two Wine tasting for Chief VP Operations Email Lists two. Give them cool tech accessories, like new headphones or a smartwatch A team day Get feedback after implementing your New Employee of the Month program It is not only the case that employees like to be recognized for their hard work, but employees also appreciate companies that also make sure their voices are heard. After completing your first rewards program, be sure to follow up and see how your employees liked it. Ask for their feedback on how they think it went or if there are any changes that should be made to make it more inclusive.

A Forbes article aptly notes that “if

Chief VP Operations Email Lists

we want better results for our organizations, we need candid feedback from our employees. We may not always like what we hear, but without it we miss opportunities. After completing your first employee of the month reward program, you should definitely get feedback from your employees on how you can improve the process or even ask them for new reward ideas! Plus, with the Connect team employee management app, you can easily create all-digital, customizable surveys and polls to get valuable feedback from your employees instantly.

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