Is Time Management Your Forte Find Out In The Test

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Is Time Management Your Forte Find Out In The Test

It is human nature to start every new year with good plans.  If you’ve been wondering what you could improve your business capacity this year without special investments, the advice of occupational therapist Pēteras Urtāns, head of the “RigaBrain” brain training center, may be useful to you: start by organizing your brain and then work less, but more efficiently! And it turns out, it’s not that difficult at all. What you probably didn’t know about your brain An adult’s brain weighs an average of 1.5 kg and, although it is only 2% of the body’s mass, consumes 20% of its energy.

What Determines Success

Researchers jokingly compare our gray matter to a spoiled and demanding, yet highly capable child: it only takes 1/10,000th of a second to generate a response to irritation. Contrary to popular opinion, the brain never sleeps, and the latest research Sweden Phone Number List shows that its development does not stop even in adulthood, that is, it forms new neural connections at any age, which enable us to remember, learn and react to stress.

Where To Start The Golden Six Or Basic Principles Of Brain Hygiene

Sweden Phone Number List

And he, after listening to us, replies: “It’s not a problem anymore, take it easy.” Because the brain’s ability to connect information increases with age.” Peters calls himself a “brain advocate” and knows from experience that no one particularly thinks about or cares about this very important organ until there are some problems. Stage and backstage People in Latvia are interested in improving brain function mainly in two cases: when they have News US seriously decided to develop their potential and – unfortunately, most often – when they are already tired and burnt out. It is very common to observe that for one person everything goes smoothly and smoothly in business or in life, while another manages to achieve the same result only with great willpower and effort, working very hard.

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