Inverted Pyramid: the Model to Follow on the Web

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Inverted Pyramid: the Model to Follow on the Web

Do you want the pages of your site to be read? Making them visible, thanks to SEO, emails or social networks is an essential first step, but insufficient. Once the Internet user is on your web page, on your blog article, you must encourage him to read the text and above all help him find the information he is looking for. The only way to achieve this is to use the inverted pyramid method. Method which consists in delivering the essential information from the first lines of the text . What is the inverted pyramid method? It is a method of journalism in which essential information is revealed at the very beginning of the text and then detailed afterwards.

This is the exact opposite of a classic

Essay writing in which we introduce the subject, detail the answers and then summarize them in a few lines to conclude. With the inverted pyramid, the conclusion is at the beginning and the introduction Iceland Phone Number List at the end. It therefore consists of: give some answers from your introduction; detail this answer in the body of the article, in  several paragraphs; conclude by taking the reader to action and sending them to another page on your site. The inverted pyramid is all about getting straight to the point when writing text online. This goes for web pages, blog posts, and even social media posts and emails. Why use the inverted pyramid in web writing? Have you ever heard of eye tracking? It is a study that allows us to know the movement of the eyes of Internet users when they read online content. We can literally know how they behave while playing.

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This study always has the same conclusion

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Carried out in 1997, in 2005, in 2014 and then in 2020, : Internet users do not read online texts in their entirety. Readers tend to quickly scan the page for important information, rather than reading the entire text. This is understandable: Internet News US sers who search on Google are looking for information, an answer continue reading. Otherwise, he will return to his occupations with a light heart to have solved his problem. Moreover, this technique is also interesting from an SEO point of view. By giving the answer to the problem from the introduction, you incorporate terms related to your main keyword. Since Google analyzes your content from top to bottom, and gives more weight to elements higher up in your text, this is good for your SEO.

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