How to Write Your Content for Voice Search on Google?

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How to Write Your Content for Voice Search on Google?

Faster, more efficient and so much more practical with a hands-free kit, voice search on Google is taking on a phenomenal scale in the habits of Internet users. And as always with search engine algorithms. There is no secret: for your web page to stand out onThe hreflang tag is an innovation that also goes in this direction. A simple small change in the HTML code or in the plugins. Which facilitates indexing as well as access to information written searche as well as on voice searche , tips! google voice assistant Is voice search really useful for the visibility of your website? But first of all. It is important to understand what voice search on Google is all about . And especially the extent of this innovation.

Is voice search really useful for the visibility of your website?

Voice searchs are simply the set of practice driven by the sound of the voice . Internet voice control can be done on a smartphone as well as on a connecte speaker. In this case, voice search on a website is use to give a quick answer to a question pose by the user. Thus, if a user asks “ What is the Paraguay Phone Number List capital of Croatia?. The Google voice command will take him to a site that clearly answers the question. When it come to the popularity of voice search on Google, its reputation is second to none! According to a Microsoft Survey from April 2019, 72% of English speakers say the link is immediately made with the Internet.

The advent of Voice Search Optimization

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Google then provide the best answer it could find on all the site concerning this request. The visibility of your site is therefore not only visual! Hence the importance of taking the time to adapt your site to the requirements of voice assistance. The advent of Voice Search Optimization It is to formalize the extent of voice search that the VSO was born: Voice Search Optimization. The VSO aims to adapt natural referencing to the voice application . It therefore News US lays down a set of rule that website must meet to meet the requirements of voice search. The content written on the site can thus follow a small list of tips, to perfect their indexing and put al, the VSO therefore interprets the intent of the query, instead of identifying keywords.

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