How to use Pinterest to improve productivity?

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How to use Pinterest to improve productivity?

So you think Pinterest is just a network to fool around… uhm… Find out why it is said to be a learning and discovery tool.What will you find in this content?How to use Pinterest to plan dishes?How to use Pinterest to plan tripsHow to use Pinterest to buy a new house or redecorate the house?How to use Pinterest as a tool for productivity?How to use Pinterest for collaboration?Have you thought about using Pinterest as a tool to improve your productivity? Or rather I ask, is it possible to use Pinterest to make your daily life easier? I know Switzerland Business Phone List what you’re thinking, Pinterest steals a lot of time and also makes you buy products. But if you read to the end you will learn how you can use the tool to improve your productivity.Pinterest helps you organize ideas, projects, menu, travel, home, even learn more. You can plan the dishes that you are going to prepare, have all your activities, plan vacations or trips, projects. Guided Search can help you with answers to your problems and research content that solves them. The boards can be used as a to-do list to organize what you have to do. Pinterest can be your shopping list, your cookbook, travel organizer, collaboration tool, and more.How to use Pinterest to plan dishes? Pinterest is very useful to discover new recipes that you want to try or learn to cook. Create a board to pin the things you want to prepare.Use the search bar, write what comes to mind and you will find everything you expect and do not expect to find. The guided search can help you search for ingredients, dishes, foods from different countries such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese food and much more. You can create a board for dishes that you want to prepare and another for dishes that you have already cooked and the family approved and wants you to prepare again. Or create different boards for breakfast, dinner, desserts, drinks, snacks, etc. If someone in the family is allergic to something, you can find anti-allergenic recipes or plan a menu for a party or celebration.example-italian-foodexample-italian-food-pastaexample-allergy-friendly-recipesexample-allergy-friendly-recipes-par-childrenexample-school-lunch-ideas-for-kids

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How to use Pinterest to plan trips?
You can create a board for all the places you would like to visit and when you decide on one you can create another board and plan the whole trip. Pin on local attractions you want to visit, events you want to see, places you want to eat, compare hotel prices, etc. You can use a public or private board and invite someone from your family or friends to plan the trip together.See how pinners plan their trips in Mexico, and many Switzerland Business Phone List in Mexico avoid Pinterest , even tourism- related businesses .Example1-board-Mexico2015Example2-board-Mexico2015Example3-board-Mexico2015Example4-board-Mexico2015Example5-group-board-Mexico2015How to use Pinterest to buy a new house or redecorate the house?On Pinterest it is very easy to find houses that you like and pin them, find furniture, compare prices, places in the town, everything that interests you and finally make your selection.Example-boards-buying-a-new-houseExample-boards-redecoratingHow to use Pinterest as a tool for productivity?
Looking in the “your pins” section can make your search easier. To know what words you have used when you pin, you write them in the bar, click on “your pins” and all your pins that contain that word appear.Example-your-pinsYou can create boards for articles or books that you want to read or things that you want to learn. You can pin all the articles that you want to read but have not had time to do so. They will wait for you on your board as a bookmark with images to read later. Or you can create a board about the books or e-books you want to read. You pin the cover, save it and voila. The same goes for things you would like to learn, pin videos, tutorials, step-by-step guides, etc.Example-boards-read-laterExample-boards-I-want-to-learnHow to use Pinterest for collaboration?You can use private boards to collaborate on various projects at work or with your family. Creating private boards with your children will help you know what interests them and what not, what they would like as a gift for any occasion; to help them with school projects. Teachers can also have private or public group boards with students and collaborate on projects and learn together. By leaving comments, everyone can share their opinions.

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Brands can pin infographics and guides to make life easier for pinners, things related to the products or services they offer. You have to add good descriptions of the boards to make them appear in the search.
Brands that make life easier for pinners with their boards and pins: Real Simple , IKEA , Travel Leisure , Money Magazine , , Good Health , Greatist , Kiwilimón , Pizca de Sabor , Cocina y Compartir , among others.Pinterest helps pinners discover and organize the things that interest them and this activity leads to buying the products that are pinned. Pinners interact with business content weeks or months before making a purchase decision. According to Pinterest, 2/3 of all their content is from business websites. Many pinners when they start planning something create a Pinterest board related to their search or need. Example: a new diet, planning a trip, planning an event or wedding, preparing for the arrival of a new family member, decorating the house, among others.Businesses should take advantage of the fact that pinners plan purchases and events on Pinterest; also, create relationships and gain the trust of the pinners , so that when they need something they are top of mind. Clicks and reps of content a business shares on Pinterest will continue to arrive for weeks, months, and even years later.

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