How to Protect Your Digital Identity?

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How to Protect Your Digital Identity?

When you publish content on the internet, you always have to think about one thing: your digital identity.  Being hacke by scammers . To preserve your integrity online and in everyday life, it is therefore essential to focus on protecting your digital identity. But before giving you concrete tips for protecting your digital identity on any type of platform. Let’s go through a small point of definition: what is a person’s digital identity? what is digital identity What is digital identity.

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The term digital identity includes all the digital traces that you leave on the internet. Your navigations in search engines , and can be made public . Your nickname, your name, your images and videos, IP addresses , comments . These are traces that you leave voluntarily or not, but which always constitute your IDN (Digital Identity). The  reason India Phone Number List it is important to protect your digital identity is because it is data that is public. This means that they can harm your e-reputation, the image of your potential customers if you act as a professional, or your image for your future employers if you are an individual looking for a job.

This dematerialized image of you

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Is the impression that you send back to all other Internet users. It is therefore essential to keep it under control. To avoid any harmful or undesirable situation . Both for your privacy and for your reputation, it is important to take the time to secure your digital traces so as not to leave behind an unwanted digital identity. However phone number, which News US an then be picked up by a cold calling company . Here are some concrete tips for protecting your digital identity when registering online. Start by hiding your email address and phone number. Also be sure to use nicknames. And an address that does not include your name. Thus, in the event of a data leak, the risk of seeing your first and last name compromised is minimal.

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