How to Create an Effective Internal Link?

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How to Create an Effective Internal Link?

To have a complete SEO strategy, you must opt ​​for excellence. And for that, you are missing an essential pillar. I am obviously talking about netlinking and internal linking. I’m not going to go into an undrinkable technical explanation, I’m just going to tell you the procedure to follow to create an effective internal link and thus boost the SEO of your customers. On the way ! Internal linking: definition When we talk about natural referencing, we must necessarily think of 4 main levers : strategy (study of keywords, competitive analysis, visibility strategy); technique (technical site audit, optimization, coaching); content content strategy.

How to position the internal linking of a site?

Writing and optimization netlinking (creation of popularity). These 4 levers are absolutely necessary to progress in the SERP by obtaining a better positioning. So much for the little presentation. Now, let’s tackle the internal linking. Having a good SEO is not just about writing pleasant texts with Senegal Phone Number List lots of keywords. There is something else. You have to combine the different SEO levers to get a winning strategy to break everything (yes, I’m getting a little carried away ! Illustration-technical Your goal? Obtain quality incoming links to your own website (or that of your client) . Be careful, incoming links are not the only ones to be privileged. Internal links are also to be pampered. We then speak of internal linking. The benefits of internal linking Creating your own internal linking is a very important element of SEO.

Choose your internal networking strategy

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In addition to being an SEO bomb, the internal linking is highly appreciated for the user experience. Why ? Because a website with a well-built architecture makes you want to scroll through all its pages. The links weave their web. A page leads you to visit another, then another, you go to a 3rd and News US so on. This is where you realize that making links is good for the internal linking of a site. Yes yes, you spent 1 hour instead of 10 minutes on the site in qmeshing possible. Choose your internal networking strategy There is no question of carrying out the internal linking blindly. To achieve effective networking, a strategy must be established. Do not be afraid ! It is less complex than a backlinks campaign, nevertheless it remains extremely important to ensure logic in the architecture of a website.

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