How to Do Competitive Intelligence? 5 Concrete Steps

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How to Do Competitive Intelligence? 5 Concrete Steps

Success on the internet is no coincidence. It is actually a whole expertise, with multiple branches on which it is necessary to have a particular action. But it all starts with the same thing: good preparation! Product preparation, market analysis, definition of target buyers … These are the steps that pave your way to success. But what about your current business ? How to keep it afloat? How to stay in a process of constant improvement, without resting on your laurels? Among all the solutions you can find, there is competitive intelligence . If you haven’t heard of it yet or want more information about it, you’ve come to the right place.

Competitive intelligence consists

Let’s start at the beginning: competitive intelligence, definition! competitive intelligence what is it What is Competitive Intelligence?  of looking at what is happening with the competition . Before, we had industrial espionage. Today, thanks to the internet, it is much simpler. So much so Benin Phone Number List that you can even automate it. In any case, marketing intelligence includes all the activities you can put in place to understand your competitors, their strategic actions, their marketing moves, their business practices … In short, everything that allows you to identify what they are doing. , and that you could do even better. The point of competitive intelligence is simply to analyze what your competitors are offering.

Competitive intelligence helps

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You can then identify what they offer, the marketing schemes and their positioning in the market. Competitive intelligence helps you know what place you can occupy to fully stand out from your competitors. It is therefore an analysis that has a crucial interest: that of overtaking the competition, to eventually impose yourself in the minds of consumers. A real component of the fundamentals of a digital strategy ! Now that we have News US mentioned marketing intelligence, i do competitive intelligence? How to develop a competitive  or service that meets the same need as you Tertiary competition : who offers a different product or service to the same audience If you are embarking on the great adventure of competitive intelligence, it is a safe bet that it is direct competition that interests you. So take care to list competing companies that offer the same products as you, to the same people.

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