How to Appear on Google Maps: the Step-by-step Guide

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How to Appear on Google Maps: the Step-by-step Guide

It’s a fact: 97% of consumers search the internet when they need to find a business. Much simpler than looking up the directory or trying to find your way around, Google Maps is the easy and efficient solution. It’s this propensity for simplicity that makes Google Maps absolutely essential for businesses. Being able to be visible to 97% of consumers is a bargain not to be missed! But how to boost your Google Maps SEO ? And first of all, how do you register your business on Google Maps? What is Google Maps SEO? First of all, what is SEO on Google Maps.

What is Google Maps SEO?

Also called local SEO, it is a set of rules that allows you to appear first in the list offered by Google Maps. For example: Let’s imagine that you run a restaurant in Lyon, which is called “Le Dodu”. At lunchtime, Bertrand searches for a restaurant near where he is. He types “restaurant” in Jamaica Phone Number List the Google search bar, or directly on Google Maps. He then comes across a list of restaurants which, according to his location, are closest to him. But it is also the restaurants that are best referenced. Google Maps SEO allows your restaurant to be at the top of the list. In other words, the one Bertrand will call first. It is therefore an essential lever aimed at all companies that have a catchment area , to help them find new customers. A real little boost for your local visibility.

Why take the time to reference yourself on Google Maps?

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Google Maps referencing can change everything for the reputation and popularity of your business in a specific geographical radius . google maps business listing Why take the time to reference yourself on Google Maps? According to a recent study , Google Maps has mapped all the areas where almost 98% of the population is concentrated . It is therefore a perfectly informed support, widely used by Internet users who wish to find their bearings. Beyond News US offering a local list of solutions, Google Maps also makes it possible to prepare an itinerary, to have access to photos of a company, timetables and customer reviews. It therefore brings together all miles, your Google Maps listing can catch the eye of many customers who would never have heard of your restaurant without it. An excellent method to reach an interested audience , and ensure your online presence in a global way.

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