How should newcomers in the workplace subtly integrate into the team?

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How should newcomers in the workplace subtly integrate into the team?

In the TV series “We Are All Good”, Liu Tao’s search, when he first arrived at the magazine, was really bullied a lot.

For example, I started to buy coffee for my colleagues when I first started working, and from time to time a few colleagues called me “Auntie”, and there were still a few colleagues who would always make trouble behind my back.

Fortunately, she has a good boss.

But, in real life, would we still be so lucky?

A college classmate of mine got a sales job right after we graduated.

When he passed the interview, he felt that he had found the only job in his life. However, within a month after joining the job, he gradually felt the pain of being a newcomer in the workplace.

In the beginning, his colleagues didn’t talk to him very much, they didn’t call him at dinner, and they didn’t take care of him at work. Even if they took the initiative to ask those old employees for advice, they would resign because they were busy at work.

Gradually, the old employees were able to talk and joke with him. There is a saying that goes like this: “It’s easier to do things when you’re familiar with them.” Now, the old employees began to ask him to help with breakfast or afternoon tea.

What’s more, some old employees don’t mention the money at all, and the money is all from his own pocket.

How much money can you have for a newbie in the workplace?

Do you think doing this will win the South Korea Mobile Number approval of old employees? No! And at work, these old employees did not provide him with any help.

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Sometimes, the task assigned by the leader cannot be completed by himself at all, and the old employees pretend not to see it. In the end, the work was not completed, and the responsibility rested solely on him.

I sometimes think: both work in the same company, and also for the sake of life, why can’t we cooperate well?

In fact, we really overestimate people today.

In the movie “Toilet Hero”, there is such a line: People will try their best to solve problems only when their own interests are damaged.

For example, if the boss asks this: If the new employee can’t complete the task well, then the responsibility is all on the old employee.

In this case, will old employees still be reluctant to help new employees? After all, it is in their own interests.

2. Not all teams are worth joining


South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number

Like the company my college classmates joined above, is such a team worth joining? Not worth it at all.

So, in the workplace, what teams are not worthy of our integration? I summarize the following:

  • Always asking new people to do this and that, but reluctant to offer any help at work (see above).
  • Only think about your own interests, and always stay far away when your own interests are not concerned.
  • There is never any mutual trust, but only superficial approval.
  • There is never any teamwork, and even what is temporarily established can fall apart at any time.
  • Liar Team

Newcomers in the workplace do not necessarily have to integrate into the team. Before integrating into the team, we should also see the face of the team clearly, which is also to protect ourselves. If you accidentally integrate into a team that you shouldn’t integrate into, it will do a lot of damage to your career.

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3. It is not difficult to integrate into the team, just do these four things well

Of course, as a newcomer in the workplace, when we encounter a team worthy of integration, we should also integrate into it without hesitation. So, here are four things you need to do when it comes to integrating into a team.

1. More communication, not just work

Academy Award winner Orson Welles once said: “The road to success must be dotted with broken friendships.”

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