How Often Do You Post Articles on Your Blog?

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How Often Do You Post Articles on Your Blog?

It’s Monday and it’s 9:54 am, time to post an article on your blog. Noooo, just kidding, wait until Thursday at 3:38 p.m. instead.  How easy is it to know when to blog? Just need to find the right niche? Unfortunately no, it’s not that simple! Follow me in the quest for the best posting frequency to explode your blog traffic. Define your goals for blogging You have created a blog on your website. OK, that’s good. But why ?  What is the purpose of this one? Have you ever thought about it? When deciding to set up a business blog or any other kind of blog for that matter, it is necessary to define relevant publication objectives. You have to write quality content with one or more objectives.

Define your goals for blogging

Goals It can be: affirm your company’s expertise; generate more traffic; developing a social media strategy; retain your audience by increasing your notoriety; increase your conversion rate; sell your services or training to potential customers. An example ? You decide that the ultimate goal of your blog is to position itself on very specific keywords to gain Tongliao Phone Number List places in the search engines and to be above your competitors. For this, the development of an editorial schedule and choosing the request on which to position yourself for natural referencing is essential. What are you going to do ? It will be necessary to create a maximum of contents on the important keywords for your company.

The editor becomes a consultant: a foolproof expertise

Tongliao Phone Number List

Ranxplorer will be an ally of choice (did I already tell you it was my favorite?  In short, the goal is not to say “check it’s done, I published on my blog this week”. It really is to distribute your articles with an intention which is often either an SEO objective, or a news objective, or a social objective. You don’t have to write News US only SEO-oriented articles, you can very well write blog posts that will create buzz on social networks, for example. You just have to think about this strategy before scheduling your publications.  This is a question that is very article a week is really not bad because it’s enough to have enough novelty regularly. After a year, you will still have 52 articles, after 2 years, 104 articles, etc. so it’s good. It gives a base that grows steadily.

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