How did Xiaohongshu complete community building and undertake overseas purchases?

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How did Xiaohongshu complete community building and undertake overseas purchases?

Founded in 2013, Xiaohongshu is a shopping and sharing community that deeply cultivates UGC (User Created Content). A must-have “shopping artifact” for more than 70 million young consumers.

Open the Xiaohongshu APP, you will see a full-screen beauty picture with a beautiful text Mexico Phone Number description. If you use Xiaohongshu for the first time, believe me, you must think you have gone to the wrong studio and downloaded a picture social software .


Xiaohongshu started as a social shopping and sharing community

It is essentially a UGC community, and more than 90% of the homepage is full of beautiful women.

In 2013, my country has surpassed Germany and the United States to become the world’s No. 1 overseas consumer country.

One is the avant-garde buyers. After shopping, they share their shopping experience and usage experience in the community. These people have strong spending power and are willing to share;

  • The other category is women with certain spending power but inexperienced in going abroad, facing shopping problems such as where to go abroad, what to buy, and how to buy.

Of course, as a community, after there is traffic, there will be no shortage of personal shopping guides and corporate marketers who pull wool.

By experiencing the Xiaohongshu APP in the morning, you can find that Xiaohongshu has given its own solution:

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number

By experiencing the Xiaohongshu APP in the morning

As a shopping UGC community, at the beginning, users focused on sharing overseas shopping experience in the community. Later, the boundaries of this sharing were continuously expanded, touching all aspects of consumption experience and lifestyle. Today, the community has become a barrier for Xiaohongshu and a place that other platforms cannot replicate.

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Then, let’s take a look at how Xiaohongshu completed the community building step by step and successfully accepted the e-commerce overseas purchase.

The following are the major historical events collected by our door through the Internet and official Weibo:

June 6, 2015 During the anniversary celebration on June 6, Xiaohongshu APP ranked 4th in the overall list of Apple App Store and 2nd in the life category. 15 million users;

In January 2016, Tencent App Bao officially released the 2015 “Star APP National List”, and Xiaohongshu won the award for the most breakthrough application of the year in the fashion shopping category;

In the second half of 2016, Xiaohongshu expanded third-party platforms and brand merchants, and all categories of sku grew rapidly;

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