Google Pagerank: Definition, Calculation and Usefulness

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Google Pagerank: Definition, Calculation and Usefulness

When you type a query in Google’s search bar , it gives you all the results, ranked in order of quality. However, this consideration of “ quality ” is far from arbitrary. It is based on concrete and official data , which allows the algorithms to know if a website deserves a good positioning, or not. In short, if it is worth showing to Internet users or if its competitors prevail. Among all this data is the PageRank . This algorithmic system makes it possible to define the popularity of a web page , and therefore to classify it accordingly. I tell you all about it! find your pagerank What is PageRank? PageRank was put down by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google.

PageRank also considers the quantity of outbound links

It is therefore an algorithm that has been put in place to define the popularity of a site or a page. But how ? The PageRank notably takes into account the incoming links to the site, in other words the links which are published on other sites, and which point to the web page studied. The more there are, the better the PageRank rating will be! But that’s not all. , as well as their Belgium Phone Number List quality. The objective is to see, concretely, how many links point to a site. But as Google is more and more  from reliable sites? Do outbound links point to authority sites? These are the majority questions that PageRank asks itself. However, if PageRank had a very strong impact on the positioning of a site a few years ago, the current reality is no longer so certain.

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It is therefore important to question the real impact of PageRank. Does PageRank have an impact on the positioning of your site? Before, PageRank was public. It was displayed in a small tab in the toolbar, and you could check your PR by hovering over it. Everyone could see the PageRank of every site and every web page , without difficulty. But since 2013, it is no longer communicated publicly. . This leads some SEOs and internet professionals to claim that PageRank no longer News US has any impact on a site’s position in the SERPs in the eyes of Google . This therefore remains an essential piece of data, which you can work on thanks to one of the pillars of natural referencing : netlinking.

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