What is a Good Domain Name?

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What is a Good Domain Name?

Whether you are familiar with the world of the internet or you are just starting out, creating a website is a long adventure. And like all long adventures, it starts with preparation. The very first thing to do: find a domain name . A mandatory step, which you cannot miss. But what is a domain name? How to choose it ? And how to formalize your choice? So many questions to which we provide the answers in this article. find domain name What is a domain name? First of all, before embarking on the technical explanation of the choice of the domain name , an essential point: you have to know what we are talking about. The domain name, definition! If we had to compare the domain name to something, it would be like a postal address. The domain name of a website is the label under which it can be found.

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The name, the URL address under which it is registered on the internet. For example, the Facebook URL is: www.facebook.com. The “ www ” is the prefix, and the “ .com ” is the extension. “ Facebook ” is the domain name. And when put together, these three elements form the URL address. The domain Dominican Republic Phone Number List name is simply the official name of your website. It is impossible to have a website without having chosen a domain name. You must therefore go through the purchase box. You buy the domain name of your choice either on sites like OVH Cloud , or directly through your host. Like WordPress , which offers you a site creation formula including the purchase of a domain name. But before buying it, you have to choose it. And preferably, choose it well. Why take the time to choose a good domain name.

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Why is the choice of domain name so important? Beyond the fact that it is the name that your customers will remember, it has a very broad field of action. Between visibility and SEO , it’s a real weapon of mass destruction! Increase the visibility of your site First of all, the domain name of your News US website naturally gives you a certain visibility. Why ? Because it is on this name that your website will be referenced. In other words, if you choose “ terracotta mug tool for Google. A tool that is used to analyze what your site is talking about. For example, if you choose “ Tasse enterrecuite ” but you sell thermos bottles, Google may not consider your site to be consistent . Whether you know little or nothing about natural referencing , the domain name can therefore be an ally tool to boost your SEO , even before working on the writing of your site.

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