Freelance Web Editor: Help, I Have to Do My Accounting!

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Freelance Web Editor: Help, I Have to Do My Accounting!

Keeping your eye on your diary, you see the fateful date when you will have to do your accounting . Misery, it’s your pet peeve! Between the preparation of invoices, the declaration to  the URSSAF and the keeping of your recipe book, you no longer know where to turn! Are you unorganized? Not sure what to do or what not to do? Web editors , I deliver to you my secrets for accounting without the fuss. Web editor: which legal status to choose? Several choices are available to you. However, I will only briefly detail the main ones. Otherwise, big headache guaranteed! If you decide to opt for the micro-enterprise regime , therefore not subject to VAT up to a certain ceiling, the procedures are greatly simplified.

Web editor: which legal status to choose?

On the other hand, if you choose a more traditional company (which is my case, personally, my company is an EURL), the procedures and the obligations are much more important. Opt for micro-enterprise Often considered the go -to plan for many freelance web writers , the micro-business plan is the Henan Mobile Phone Number List most common. Quietly installed in your living room and in just 5 minutes , you can register on the website . That’s a fact. Choosing the micro-enterprise allows you to launch your web writing activity in simplified formalities. No need to worry about the cumbersome administrative system! You are exempt from the complexity of the procedures.

Opt for micro-enterprise

Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Declaration on the URSSAF website (monthly or quarterly declaration); keep a recipe book (paper or certified software); not exceed 72,500 euros in turnover for 2 consecutive years, under penalty of having to change the regime. In short. The advantages of choosing this diet are numerous. In News US addition to having a very flexible administrative management, the system of charges is also lightened. Finally, you are not obliged to use the expertise of an accountant. So, even less costs! Set up your company Are you making too much money? Is that possible?Do you think you’ve found an interesting niche that will get your business off the ground? rocket takeoff Several types of companies may be suitable for you.

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