Follow up with a prospect effectively in three steps

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Follow up with a prospect effectively in three steps

It’s not always easy to find the right balance between simple reminders and nagging.

Especially since the limits of spam are specific to each.A prospect may thus have the feeling of being harassed after two emails. when another will not be shocked. I explain in this article how to relaunch a prospect correctly and effectively.


Identify qualified prospect The first thing to know before chasing a lead is if they are really worth it. There are indeed different types of prospects. and not all of them have the same conversion potential. You must thereforeimplement a solid lead management strategyupstream.


Assign a score to your leads as soon as they Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers are acquired. in order to know which prospects are worth pursuing. You can use the BANT method for this. and study your conversion tunnel to follow the progress of the prospect.


This strategy will allow you to prioritize your prospects. and define who to follow up. It is obvious that you are not going to waste your time and your money chasing up a cold prospect.Instead. focus your efforts on chasing the most qualified prospects. Once identified. also know how to find the right moment to relaunch a prospect.


Relaunch a prospect at the right time


It is difficult to answer this question as opinions differ on the matter. As I told you in the introduction. chasing a prospect is tricky. You have to know how to find the right moment to hit the bull’s eye without forcing it. If you follow up too early. the prospect will not have acquired the necessary maturity to finalize the conversion. And if you raise too late. he is likely to give up on the way because your offer will have slipped out of his head.

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The right time to relaunch a prospect is therefore early enough for the offer to be still fresh. But not too much either. at the risk of looking like a potential stalker. The classic scheme is to follow up for the first time by email two days after making contact. And if nothing moves. you can repeat the operation two or three times. once every two days.


Relaunch a prospect well by email


Reviving a prospect is done most of the time by email. This is the best way to bring the project to fruition without attacking your leads too much. Your follow-up emailmust be brief. and recall the offer in question. Don’t forget to explain to your prospect the purpose of your follow-up. so that he understands it well. And of course. no follow-up email without a good self-respecting call to action.

Always place it at the end of your email. just before the conclusion. Reviving a prospect can be a time-consuming and thankless task. To save time. you can therefore use the softwaremarketing automation Active Campaign. This software allows you to automate the sending of follow-up emails to your prospects.



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