Featured Snippets: Definition and Operation

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Featured Snippets: Definition and Operation

Position 0 , feature snippets , optimize excerpts … This still very recent feature of Google has many names, but the principle remains the same: a location in the SERPs. Ideal for boosting the SEO of a website. But what is a feature snippet? And how do you achieve this holy grail of positioning ? Feature Snippet What are feature snippets? From definition to operation, feature snippets deserve a closer look in order to fully understand them. The definition Feature snippets are small response boxes that appear directly at the top of the first page of Google results. This is why it is said that they are in position 0: upstream of all organic search results. They are positione before the first.

What are feature snippets?

Feature snippets first appeare in the United States in 2014, before being relocat to France in April 2016. Unlike traditional search results, it is not necessary to click on the link presente to obtain a answer to the question. Google immediately displays it in an answer box. Which gives a Lithuania Phone Number List clear and concise answer to an equally clear and concise question. An optimize extract thus contains a summary of the searche answer ( in the form of an extract of the selecte content ). The page on which it was gleane, its title and its URL, all these elements being clickable. It is also possible to integrate an image, according to your preferences.

The purpose of featured snippets

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The form In most cases, feature snippets are presente in the form of a text. A small block of 300 words that answers the question that the Internet user has just type in the search bar. However. They can take different forms: The paragraph: the literal explanation in a few lines The list ( numbere or bullete ): often for recipes, symptoms, or any request that involves an answer in the form of an enumeration The table: provide following a question relating to the News US of feature snippets is thus to offer Internet users results that are as consistent as possible, in the most effective form.  Internet users to save time.

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