Email Marketing 2022: customizations

Email marketing 2022. Customizations and marketing automation to improve results marco targa – 2 august 2022 email marketing the last two years have represente a particular period which has significantly influence the behavior of companies and their relationships with their public. Email marketing is no exception. As we have had the opportunity to analyse . An area that has grown a lot in the pandemic era. Albeit with methods and characteristics that deserve further study for strategic purposes. You might be intereste in. .Email marketing 2022. Why it is still a fundamental tool for companies. 

Kpis linke to email marketing analysis email marketing

First of all. We nee to start from the concept of kpis applie to this segment. This means that. When carrying out specific analyses. Metrics and indicators are fundamental new database elements for determining the objective feeback of the data. I.E. Measuring the effectiveness of initiatives linke to the professional use of emails. This is reflecte in the objectives. Acquisition of contacts. Level of satisfaction and engagement among recipients. Quality of user experience. Return on investments in the production and promotion of content. Following these clarifications. It is possible to continue examining the trends. Thanks to the survey conducte by the mailup email marketing statistical observatory.

Within the 2022 eition

Further data emerges that must make companies’ marketing departments reflect. Download our guide now to discover all the email marketing trends and statistics News US for 2022! The three email marketing evaluation metrics email marketing the experts at the mailup statistical observatory took three metrics into consideration in particular. Uor (unique open rate). It is necessary to refer to the number of unique openings by the same user. Uctr (unique click-through rate). Refers to the number of unique clicks from the same user. Ctor (click-through open rate). Consists of the ratio between the number of unique clicks and unique openings. 

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