Eisenhower Matrix: the Time Management Matrix

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Eisenhower Matrix: the Time Management Matrix

Whether in personal or professional life, it is important to know how to manage your time to progress and achieve your goals. Yet it is easy to get distracte and waste time. Moreover, knowing how to prioritize tasks is not easy. The Eisenhower matrix is ​​there to guide us. Complementary to Pareto’s law and the Pomodoro technique, this matrix has proven itself. It is simple to use and very effective to be productive on a daily basis. Discover its origin, its interest and its operation. Introducing the Eisenhower Matrix Dwight David Eisenhower was the 34th President of the Unite States and a master of productivity.

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He has set up a tool to prioritize his tasks to be done on 2 axes: Importance and Urgency. We thus obtain 4 quadrants: Quadrant 1 : important and urgent tasks, Quadrant 2 : Important but non-urgent tasks Quadrant 3 : Unimportant but urgent tasks Quadrant 4 : Unimportant and non-urgent tasks order of priority of the tasks to be accomplishe. Those in Quadrant 1 should be done without delay while those in Quadrant 4 can wait. The Eisenhower matrix Oman Phone Number List can be use in many areas of private and professional life. “ I have two types of problems: urgent problems and important problems. Urgent issues are not important and important issues are never urgent. An important task has a high adde value and allows progress.

Quadrant 2

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It has a major impact on your situation and helps achieve its long-term goal. For example, networking or losing weight. An urgent task requires your immediate attention. It does not have any particular consequences in the long term, but must be carrie out quickly because there is a deadline. For example, paying a bill or going shopping before the store is close. It is important to make the difference between an important and urgent task to correctly build your Eisenhower matrix. Quadrant that cause stress and News US concern you processe without delay. : Important but not urgent tasks These are essentially tasks that have a sure they get done. They will have to be done once the equally important, but more urgent elements are complete. We can cite: SEO actions on your site; strategic intelligence; planning for the following week; form.

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