Dofollow and Nofollow Links What is Worth Knowing

Links leading to your website are one of the ranking factors, i.e. they influence the position of the website and the queries Internet users send to the search engine.

When acquiring links on the Internet, you should pay attention to the quality of the websites they reach – Google will reward you with better visibility for links on valuable websites.

When you analyze the link profile of websites, you may notice that links have different attributes. What do dofollow and nofollow links mean? Which should you source?

Backlinks a Starting Point at the Beginning

At the beginning, it is worth noting that links leading to your website, which come from valuable websites containing content related to your brand, can have a very positive Ws Database impact on the positioning of the website you manage. A backlink acts as a confirmation of the quality of the content, thanks to which it increases the credibility of the company and builds its popularity on the Internet.

There is also the other side of the coin. If you collect backlinks from sites with a low reputation or industry value, your rankings can be greatly affected and you lose credibility on the Internet.

Not every link on the web will work the same from Google’s point of view. Whenever you click on an active link, you should land on a landing page.

Dofollow What is It Not Every Link on the Web

The difference may be that in some cases the page will open in a new tab, which means that the HTML code for the link has used attributes that are appropriate to achieve this purpose.

The basic type of link is a dofollow link. It’s a colloquial expression. One of the link News US elements in HTML code can be the rel attribute. If it does not appear, Google automatically considers such a link to be a dofollow, i.e. transmitting SEO power. This means that it may have an impact on the visibility of your website in search results – either positively or negatively.

There is no point in adding this item yourself. It will be treated as dofollow. However, this doesn’t mean that your website’s link profile should consist entirely of it – that’s unnatural. It is best to link to it with different attributes.

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