Decision of inheritance due to the birth of the USSR

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Decision of inheritance due to the birth of the USSR

During the Soviet years, various companies, enterprises and organizations (from the educational industry) throughout the republic provided the staff in the hotel. Private property, as you know, did not exist. People went into the darkness, they built simple houses, they rested. The small house was consider “the” and without registration. These are thousands of websites, but now some of them are problematic. With the fall of the Soviet Union, many companies, executive committees and other documents for the vineyard were dedicate and consider outdate.

Inheritance decision by birth


From such a site, a person is usually not fir. But he can’t do anything from the ground. No one will buy a hotel without documents, give and call – it’s not right anyway. And if the province should move the local authorities under the plan of the city Italy Phone Number plan for the construction of new houses, then the “unexpected place” unexpected “. Just hand over to the owner. However , it is still possible to issue legacies to slaves in the summer days of the USSR.


A citizen received a plot for a vegetable



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Garden without a capital construction permit – a 6-hectare high standard house. The land was “issu” to the Executive Committee of the People’s Deputies in 1991 Priozersky District. In 2015, the garden died. In the will, his daughter was show. The man wants to get rid of the gift. However, they refused to execute real houses, because the investigators did not own the site. In the lawsuit filed by his daughter to his father’s administration regarding the recognition of ownership of the land “by inheritance”, it was reject. In the Leningrad courtroom, it too was waiting to be defeated. Lawyers and local authorities agreed that the woman’s father was given 6 acres for some time. And to the right of long-term use, when the land can have an indefinite period, or in the right of life to inherit the property of the testator – the speech did not go.

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