Crowdlending: an Accessible Solution for Investing

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Crowdlending: an Accessible Solution for Investing

For many years, the French have been emphasizing savings . Saving to protect, saving to anticipate and to deal with the unexpecte: a very widespread solution, but not always profitable. Indee, with the interest rates bordering on the negative offere by the banks, letting your money sleep in an account is less and less worth it. Especially in the face of inflation which is following its course, without seeming to want to decrease. It is for this reason that many savers are turning to other investment solutions . But since not everyone can afford to buy real estate in cash, there are other alternatives. Alternatives that are also very functional, such as crowdlending.

These are often VSEs

We tell you everything! For those in a hurry, if you are looking for the best crowdlending platform, for me it is Bien Prêter : preteur/U5FECDD48976BA (affiliate link) which is the safest and the more profitable (11.70% on average, which is enormous). learn crowdending What is Thailand Phone Number List crowdlending? Crowdlending is simply lending money directly to companies. These are often VSEs or SMEs that have very specific projects: open another branch, develop a brand, release a new product, etc. However, VSEs and SMEs do not always have the necessary funds to take the next step. This is when crowdlending comes into play. The principle is simple: your favorite pizzeria wants to open another shop in your city.

This is called crowdlending

Thailand phone number list

But for that, they need funds. You have put aside €25,000, which is sitting in a bank account at an interest rate of only 0.5% per year. You decide to withdraw them, to invest them in the future of your favorite pizzeria. This is called crowdlending. You lend the pizzeria your €25,000, and in exchange you set an interest rate in advance. For example, an interest rate of 2.5% within 12 months. The income that you then obtain after 12 months is, crowdlending is a branch News US of crowdfunding , but the principle is not really the same. Crowdfunding is participatory financing : a company appeals to Internet users in order to finance a project. It is a pure and simple donation, with or without compensation. While crowdlending is an equity loan. If a company you like offers to launch a new product, you can, for example, take part in the crowdfunding of the product. In exchange for your donation, you may be able to receive the product in question once it is release for distribution. Or simply receive the pleasure of having helpe a company that you appreciate.

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