Creating pages with no or very little content

For example paid social mia and Google Ads are effective channels. Will there be sales and leads as expect The most effective way to find out what nes to be chang on your landing page is to do A/B testing . For example the layout of the landing page (positioning of images and texts relative to others) the layout and placement of the call-to-action buttons on the page or for example the illustration on the page can be test.

Implement a Hotjar analysis

If necessary on the landing page which brings out points of b2b leads development bas on the behavior of website visitors. Where have people click away from the site or which image has been view the longest If there are people visiting Ländäri but there is no business see our tips for improving Ländäri . Do you want to learn more about selling to the right target group Download the buyer persona workbook! Do you work in e-commerce marketing

Use the versatile possibilities

The main advantages of Google traffic to your site instantly Provides quick visibility for your company Enables an News US efficient way to measure the profitability of your advertising Create an easy way to measure your online stores revenue Increases the result quickly Almost 60% of Finns already buy online every month Google Ads greatly increases the discoverability of online stores.

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