Create Several Blogs: Good or Bad Idea?

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Create Several Blogs: Good or Bad Idea?

Bloggers, writing is your valve. You love to write and share with your community your experience in your favorite theme. The problem is that you have several subjects that interest you and you feel restricted in your writing. You ask yourself a thousand questions. The creation of a blog, that knows you. But, how to create several blogs? Keeping a blog takes time, how can you manage to feed several? Isn’t that too risky? You will not abandon one or the other of your projects? Advantages, disadvantages, various advice for the success of your blogging project in your image, I share my experience with you.

Why create several blogs?

Why create several blogs? Putting words on paper is a real passion for you and living from your blog is still the best! Wouldn’t you like to make money this way? beach blog You have a blog that works in a very specific theme, but your problem is that there are several subjects that interest you a lot. You Portugal Phone Number List would like to write on several themes at the same time, but combining meditation with mechanics makes no sense. Your editorial line would have. That’s in theory! Once the projects are launched, you may find that your days are entirely spent there. If you can delegate certain things to optimize your blogging time, it will make you more efficient and it can be a great solution to move faster towards your goals.

Benefits of having multiple blogs

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Only you have the answer, but don’t underestimate the work it takes when you make the decision to blog more. In short, if you have strong self-discipline and a great ability to work on two big projects at the same time, then go for it. Just one thing, keep in mind that these are still two big challenges.  I don’t News US want to demotivate you, but I prefer to be careful in my recommendations. In any case, it’s exciting for the blogging side! Benefits ofmust be flawless. Why ? Because keeping several blogs can be sporty.  blogs allows you to customize your tone and target the topics you are passionate about. You can, for example, have a rather conventional professional blog with a very specific theme, infographics, etc. And another, where you are more freestyle where you let go a little more.

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