Create and Use a Telegram Channel: My Feedback

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Create and Use a Telegram Channel: My Feedback

Staying in constant contact with your contact list and having a strong connection with your community is what the Telegram application offers its users. Fabulous isn’t it? Calls, voice messages, text messages, images, the messaging application makes it easy to chat with your audience. Don’t panic, I’ll explain step by step how to create and use a Telegram channel easily. What is a Telegram channel? Every day, 1.5 million new users register on Telegram (source: Telegram ). It’s a fact, this messaging app is super powerful for showing behind the scenes of your business.

How to create a channel on Telegram?

Please note, this is not a social network like the others. In 2020, Telegram had 400 million users (source: Telegram ). Are you part of it? Same as for other social networks, people interested in your account (the channel here in this case) will have to subscribe to your channel. With this messaging app, you Taiwan Phone Number List can: send instant messages to multiple contacts at the same time; expand your mailing list; improve the image of your company; increase your sales. To have subscribers, you must offer your audience unique content that brings them something. Added value in your business, tips for better selling, advice for gaining expertise, make sure you create a local channel with your subscribers. Like a diary (or almost, we are no longer 15 years old).

What is a Telegram channel?

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Telegram can become an ally of choice for creating a privileged relationship with your audience. So, enjoy and onward to creating your own channel. How to create a channel on Telegram? The Telegram application is available for Android or IOS, you just have to download it. 1/ Registration News US on Telegram and choice of username To begin, you will have to click on “Start Messaging” or “Continue in French” if you are not bilingual at heart a new group, or a new secret exchange, or a new channel ( the contacts of your group can be up to 200,000 people! That’s ok, you have room!). Group choice What interests us is the new channel, it is he who will allow you to communicate. Click on “Create a channel” and insert the name of the channel you have chosen. You can also add a photo and a short description.

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