Cover Letters that Get Job Interviews Phone Number Database

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Cover Letters that Get Job Interviews Phone Number Database

In the slow economy Americans now face, with the job market shrinking just a little bit every day, the competition is fiercer than ever to find and secure good-paying, phone number database skilled jobs in a number of fields. As popular as the resume may be in helping land the coveted interview and a phone number database shot at the big time, no less important is the cover letter that accompanies it.

A very good reason for this? Employers want to see a sample of your communication skills, phone number database whether or not you can convey your thoughts well in written form, and in turn put those same skills to proper use in a position with their company. A resume, while professional enough, phone number database lacks a certain ‘heart’. The resume is almost automatic, robotic in its presentation, and written without any real flair or passion or charisma that so many employers most want to see. How can you really express yourself from the inside in a resume, apart from presenting your skills, your education and a brief background of your experience?

The cover letter, phone number database or the letter of introduction, when included with a resume, puts you at the top of the ‘slush pile’ of applicants, and when written correctly, shows the employer your personality. If that sounds silly, think a moment about your attitude when you read about a job opening.

Are you excited about it, because you fit the qualifications perfectly? Or are you less than enthusiastic about it, phone number database and figure ‘What the heck, I’ll apply.’? First off, don’t apply for the job if it doesn’t fit your needs. This letter is going to illustrate your FEELINGS, so make sure you are really excited about this particular job position, and you think that it meets your expectations 100%.

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