Copywriting, the Secret Weapon of Any Blogger

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Copywriting, the Secret Weapon of Any Blogger

Why are the works of William Shakespeare, a 16th century English playwright, still read and reread today? Yes, I ask myself this question as I write a web article on copywriting. Maybe I’m just out of inspiration to find a good hook… However, I am convinced after reflection that William Shakespeare was one of the greatest copywriters in history. Why ? Because beyond his magnificent style that we already know, he was able to talk in his plays about subjects that are timeless and that spoke to everyone: love, politics, betrayal, family … Attention, I am not saying that it is necessary to be able to speak about subjects which speak to everyone.

Copywriting to engage your community!

We are not William Shakespeare and times have changed… On the Internet, the logic is different: you have to know how to talk about specific subjects that you absolutely master in order to be able to position yourself as an expert! Copywriting is the art of writing to create a relationship with a stranger. It is the art of writing on the Internet via a blog. It’s Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List the art of presenting your business with confidence to trigger sales without having had the person on the phone. According to a study by RealBusiness, 74% of web users pay attention to speaking style and spelling. Suffice to say that mastering copywriting has become a necessity for all entrepreneurs who write on the Web. But why is that? And especially how to use this technique.

How to become a good copywriter?

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Copywriting is not an art, it’s a learned science. In this article I will share with you why, in my opinion, copywriting has become a fabulous weapon for uniting a community and especially how to become a good copywriter… I) Copywriting to engage your community! The first question you need to News US ask yourself is, “  The mistake would be to answer: “ To everyone! I want as many customers as possible ”. We are not Shakespeare and as I said just above, times have changed.  ideal client ? This ideal customer is what is more commonly called in marketing: the persona . And you must know it! You need to know his problems, his needs, and what he is looking for… Knowing your persona will let you know which blog posts to write and which posts to highlight in your community.

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