Cloaking in SEO

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Cloaking in SEO

It’s a fact: algorithm preferences change from day to day. What’s allowe today may get you punishe tomorrow. And for certain practices , it is even more complex: certain forms are authorize, others are totally prohibite. This is for example the case of cloaking , a practice prohibite by Google’s guidelines, but which some sites still use today. But first of all, a small theoretical point: cloaking, definition! practice cloaking referencing What is cloaking? Cloaking is define by Google as a practice that “ consists of presenting Internet users with URLs or content that are different from those intende for search engines ”.

The problem is that sometimes

The idea is as follows: search engine algorithms follow specific guidelines, rules according to which they establish the positioning of websites. Cloaking consists of respecting these rules to the letter: putting many keywords, having an ideal loading spee , a worke semantic field … The problem Armenia Phone Number List is that sometimes following these rules to the letter, the written content becomes chaotic. We lose the “natural” side of the sentences, to such an extent that Internet users lose interest in them. Between the satisfaction of rational algorithms , and the satisfaction of the Internet user in search of information, should we therefore choose? Not always. Cloaking makes it possible to have both at the same time: it is a question of displaying two different contents to Internet users and to algorithms.

You index two different

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For the algorithms, you have over-optimized content, bordering on spammy , and therefore probably not very pleasant to read. For Internet users, you have clear and effective content, which is what they are looking for. But it is also poorly optimized content. Which the algorithms would qualify as lower quality. So you index two different pages, in order to satisfy everyone. Perfect, isn’t it? Except that Google, with the unpleasant feeling of being taken for a News US fool, does not appreciate this practice of cloaking. Cloaking: black hat or white hat? Apparently, therefore, cloaking is prohibited by Google . The latter absolutely wants to place the user experience at the center of the concerns of website authors. So he doesn’t want to be tricked with content that doesn’t match what users see. However, there are different types of cloaking.

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