Cai Qin and Pan YuYu all the singers gave their voices together presenting a more

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Cai Qin and Pan YuYu all the singers gave their voices together presenting a more

I often wonder if the space for public sharing of pop music has gradually become a private space because of the increasing prolateness of Zhonglele. History may be written by the victors or it may be written by the survivors. The last few superstars at the beginning of this century have become the common memory of the audience in primary schools. Middle schools and colleges. They are the audio guides of the museum. No matter how rich it is, it is only an entrance.

What is precious is just the time tunnel that varies from

Person to person. But in fact, outdated Kuwait Phone Number pop music. Needs a proper space to let the songs spread out one by one and show their own texture calmly. So many forms of performance are disappearing. And so is the cohesion they once created. Songs need a scene for appreciation. After stripping away the marketing methods of the year. They simply present the charm of those exquisite handicrafts.

Taiwan’s TV program genre has always included the tradition of music. And even once influenced the industry. I think their source may have come from America in the middle of the last century. These music programs establish a song-based appreciative cognition. And extend the physical songbook into abstract categories and concepts. It’s just that these shows are becoming less and less, or they have become a platform that I don’t give. Senior singers and classic works stay in the old time and space. Although many singers are obviously very active and constantly touring. They seem to be very quiet and silent.

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Long Live Music No 4 invited Ma Shebang as the host and the

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Format of the entire program has been significantly adjusted, such as to present different musicians and works in a more contextual manner, and to find a more detailed and more detailed way for popular songs. Humanistic performance scene.

Sometimes this show brings out some traditional performances, such as inviting singers like Zheng Yi and Pan YuYu, their performances are relatively fixed, and the selection of songs is easy to guess. But the part of their conversation provided a buffer and attracted me to continue reading – facing Ma Shebang, they could enter a more relaxed state and restore the bits and pieces of the songs recorded in the past, which sounded better than some popular books in previous years. believable.

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