Buying an Expired Domain Name, Mistakes to Avoid

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Buying an Expired Domain Name, Mistakes to Avoid

Creating a website involves making the right choices from the start. If you want to put all the chances on your side to have good visibility, it is essential to consider a long-term strategy . And this strategy begins first and foremost with the choice of the domain name. The domain name is the name of the website, the one under which search engines identify it. Also called NDD , it appears in a site ‘s URL . But this is neither a coincidence, nor something to be taken lightly: a domain name can change everything. So before choosing your domain name, comes the first question: do you want to create a domain name, or buy back an expired domain name.

Why buy an expired domain name?

I explain everything about the expired domain name. buy expired domain name Why buy an expired domain name? First of all, let’s take a look at the definition of NDD expired . What is an expired domain name? The expired NDD is a domain name that has not been renewed by its owner. In other words: someone had this domain name, but did not renew their “ subscription ”. It is therefore considered expired, and free to be redeemed by whoever wants! The Singapore Phone Number List expiration of the domain name can be: Intentional : the owner does not want to continue maintaining the site Unintentional : a simple oversight by the owner, despite reminders. The NDD then belongs to the public domain Recovering an expired domain name may seem fortuitous.

Aking over an expired domain name

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But it’s actually a great alternative, especially from an SEO and visibility perspective . The advantages of redeeming an expired domain name Indeed, an expired domain name is not yet deindexed by Google. Which means that all of his netlinking, backlinks and organic traffic are still there. Taking over an expired domain name allows you to take advantage of its already existing popularity. But also to benefit from the “old site” label, much News US appreciated by Google crawlers. You can thus recover name what you have in mind. A big time saver, to get results as quickly as possible. However, this solution is not as perfect as it looks. As in any practice on the Internet, there are pitfalls in which one must not fall.

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