Bounce Rate: Understand and Improve It

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Bounce Rate: Understand and Improve It

Having a site through which all Internet users are interested in what you sell: the dream. More than a dream, it is even a chimera. Indeed, when you have a website, you cannot please everyone. We can’t always please, offer products or services that appeal, and give the right answers at the right time. It’s just not possible. On the other hand, there are many indicators that let you know if you are on the right track with your site, or if you are heading in the wrong direction. Among these indicators is, for example, the bounce rate.

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The bounce rate is calculated by Google : it is the number of Internet users who have only visited one page of your website before leaving it. But does the bounce rate really reveal the quality of your website? And how to interpret it correctly to better analyze your development prospects? I explain Pakistan Phone Number List everything about these key points of visibility on the internet. website bounce rate The definition of the bounce rate: what does it correspond to? First of all, let’s take the time to define the bounce rate and its calculation method. For you, it’s simple: you can go to Google Analytics to get your bounce rate.

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But concretely, how is it calculated by the algorithms? The bounce rate corresponds to: Number of visitors visiting only one page ÷ Total number of visits It is therefore an overall calculation to make the average estimate of the satisfaction of an Internet user on your website. Because a user who leaves your site after a single page is not necessarily a satisfied user. To calculate the bounce rate, Google Analytics takes into account different News US actions: T and closes inactive on your page for more than 30 minutes All of these indices allow Google to add extra points to your bounce rate. Why is your bounce rate high not to know more. There is therefore no standard bounce rate, below which you must absolutely be. However, if your bounce rate is too high for your liking, this may be a situation you can fix.

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