Blog Now – No Computer Needed

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Blog Now – No Computer Needed

The simplest of all blog platforms has recently taken off to wide acceptance and is a great way to share content online. Best of all this belgium email providers service is the easiest to manage and add content to that has ever existed. The unique service is called Posterous. Anyone that can send an email can use posterous. Believe it or not you don’t even have to set up an account first. Just send belgium email providers something to them at their posting address and you are done. Send any type file you like and their computers will convert it to web content and then send a notification and link back to your email address.

Most users do have computer, belgium email providers but just think of what you can do with only a smart phone. Send photos to your posterous blog and the subject line is the post title. The email body is your blog post. Send videos and they too will post to your blog right away.

Posterous will also automatically update your other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You are going to love belgium email providers how easy your media updates become. I use this to post photos to my twitter stream where I formerly used sites like twitpics and yfrog. Now belgium email providers I can send one email and post content in many sites at once. You can adjust your message to post just to some and not to others whenever the need arises.

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