Blank Page Syndrome: How to Overcome It?

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Blank Page Syndrome: How to Overcome It?

Does it ring a bell ? Perhaps the term “ blank page anxiety ” speaks to you more? I imagine so, if you end up on this article. Fear of the blank page is the demon of all writers, the little beast that scares the big one. It’s like being in front of your computer, with the cursor blinking again and again. But no idea comes. It’s trying to write , but failing to get anything out. In short, the blank page is creativity in Error 404. And if it happens to all great writers, it also happens to bloggers , editors and other content creators on the internet. The white page is not reserved only for famous people: it is reserved for anyone who has set a goal: to produce content. But concretely, where does it come from? And in an even more interesting and essential way: how to overcome this syndrome? lack of inspiration.

This fear comes for example

The fear of the blank page: where does it come from? Like anyone who writes, I myself have experienced this embrace of anguish. This interstellar void in my brain, this shrug of my imagination which has decided to take off. And despite what my mind was screaming at me , I didn’t give up. Because the Benin Phone Number List advantage of the white page syndrome is that it passes. It is a problem that can last for days, weeks, months if we do not put in place the right strategies to combat it. But it is a problem that has an end ( fortunately !). Concretely, the blank page has an origin: stress . This fear comes for example when you realize that what you write is going to be published, one way or another. And when typing the first words, nothing. We write a sentence, which we find invalid. We erase it. Another follows, and so on. The joy of self-judgment in a creative phase ! Often, the anxiety of the blank page comes from the fact that we are afraid of the judgment of others.

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Version that never comes

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We want our words to ring true, the sentences to be perfect and impactful. So we try to take them out, until we find the ideal version . Version that never comes, because perfection does not exist ( especially when you judge yourself) . We have the feeling that we are good for nothing, we block, and… We stop. There you go, the blank page has won the fight! How to fight against the white page syndrome? The fear of the blank page is part of News US this kind of problem that we must first start by accepting. The first reflex of a person who suffers from it is to say to themselves “ I can’t do it anyway, I’m giving up” . A completely normal reflex anxiety white page relaxation 2 – Forcing yourself to write I’m not talking here about forcing you to produce quality content. We all know how it’s going to end: either you’re not going to be able to write, or you’re not going to be satisfied with what you’ve done.

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