24 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Content Marketing

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24 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Content Marketing

Indeed, we can learn from our mistakes. But we can also learn from the mistakes of others and avoid them. As best-selling author and marketing consultant Roy H. Williams says, that’s the difference between being smart and being smart.

In the first place To help you get smarter, we sought the help of the smartest and smartest people announced at the Content Marketing World.

They share some of the mistakes they encounter and provide tips on how to avoid them in your own content marketing program.

In the first place Mistake: Trying to be everything
For seven years, we’ve published a blog post showing how diverse Jordan Winery has been as a business. Posts on cooking, gardening, agriculture, flower design, travel, winemaking, construction and news. This made it impossible to maintain a loyal subscriber base. The same customer who wants to know which is the best kitchen knife to use may not care how the vines bloom or how the flood affects the vineyards.

How to fix: Split the content into two blogs. One focuses on food and travel and the other focuses on winemaking.

Lisa Mattson, Jordan Vineyard & Winery, Director of Marketing and Communications

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Mistake: Get off with the wrong foot
The biggest mistake I’ve made Canada Mobile Number in content creation so far is not listening to customers first, or looking at suggestions or clues left by search engines.

Fix: Do not write content for any purpose other than helping people solve the problem.

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Canada Mobile Number

@wilreynolds should not write #content for any purpose other than helping people solve the problem. #CMWorld Click to tweet
Mistake: Stop and don’t think

Fix: I started reducing publishing, but it took me a while to make sure that the content I was creating

and publishing was of high quality and connected to the audience at a deeper level. My number has skyrocketed even further.

Jason Schemmel, Social Media Manager, Harper Collins Christian Publishing

As you publish quality content and connect with your audience at a deeper level, your #social numbers will skyrocket. @JasonSchemmel Click to tweet
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Mistake: Focus on self-satisfaction goals
Quality content is much more difficult than quantity. The quantity makes us feel as if we are accomplishing something: “See it all!”

How to fix it: run quality. This will take some time, but it will be much more worth the effort.

Stoney de Geyter, Vice President of Search and Advertising, The Karcher Group

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Mistake: Set virality as a goal
No one can spread something by word of mouth. It either happens or does not happen. I don’t create content for virality.

How to fix: Create useful content.

inPowered, Vice President of Marketing, Chad Pollitt

No one can spread something by word of mouth. It either happens or does not happen. @ ChadPollitt # CMWorld Click to tweet
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Mistake: Say “yes” to all projects
Brands often do content marketing in a budget that doesn’t allow true testing and learning to do it the right way, but judge the results accordingly.

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