Website In Bangladesh And You Will

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Website In Bangladesh And You Will

Below this is usually not a perfect site, and it won’t be to your liking. And starting from the security of this type of site, an expert should be kept for regular maintenance. Basically this type of site is created by companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz. You can also if you have the budget. But if you use CMS means U-Commerce/Word-Press, Magenta, OpenCart, Zen-Cart Archi. Then, the cost will be much less. In this case, I would say for the use of U-Commerce and Word-Press. The cost of creating a perfect site using CMS will usually start from 15 thousand.

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There are a few things to be aware of when building a site using a CMS. Website theme Ask the web designer that you will use to create the website, whether he will create the site with a free theme or a paid one. If it’s a paid theme, find out where to buy it. Generally, the popular and good site to buy themes for WordPress is Themeforest . In the case of paid themes, check whether Themeforest has provided a Purchase Code and whether you will get updates in the future. Many times fraudsters create sites by claiming to build websites for just 1500 or 3,000 thousand rupees. But, they usually build sites with Null or GPL. In case of GPL, no updates are available and the site may go down in the future. And if it’s Null, you’re done. Viruses or ad scripts are attached to this type of site. At any time the site can get hacked or display unnecessary ads. What benefits? How much customization will the web developer do? Will Google add to the search engine and do basic SEO.

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How many months of support? Will teach you how to News Us maintain and upload products etc. Just be careful about these things. 3 | Transaction and payment gateway After creating the site, it is important to arrange how the customer will pay. You can arrange cash on delivery if you want. Besides, you can have digital payment method as well. In this case, you will get more benefits in WordPress. You can take payment in Cash, Bikash, Rocket using the free plugin if you want. In that case the customer has to make the payment manually. If you want, you can use payment gateway.

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