A practical summary to help you understand what a data product is

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A practical summary to help you understand what a data product is

A practical summary to help you understand what a data product is. Comparing with the commercial product type of the enterprise. The service object is the enterprise. Of course, the enterprise also serves the employees of the enterprise after the purchase . Taking our company as an example, in the first two years of the formation of the data team. We directly bought the data analysis tool – SAP BO (this is the data product I first came into contact with, to be precise, the BI tool, that is, the business intelligence system. And later we bought Sensors data to analyze. The new retail business (mainly for the analysis of WeChat, APP, takeaway, etc.

Of course, there are many such as Tableau, U-app and so on.

3) Products that directly serve the public . For example, Tencent Sports NBA database, WeChat index, Baidu index, etc.

Different data product types serve different groups of people, but the goals are basically the same: to use the value of data to help users solve problems or make business decisions.

4. Understand the data platform architecture and understand the data product development process

The process of data product and application development is basically the same: acquiring basic data, processing data, and platform output data. With the advent of the era of big data, more and more enterprises are paying more attention to data application and building data platforms; for the construction of data platforms, The basic structure is as follows:


As a data product manager, the process Malaysia Phone Number of system implementation is an essential knowledge for a data product manager. The above picture is the most basic data platform construction framework, so that everyone can have a better understanding of the implementation process of data products. I will make a more detailed analysis of the construction of the big data platform in the future.

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Five, more summary

Through the above content, I wonder if everyone’s cognition of data products has become clearer. in conclusion:

1) Data products can be understood macroscopically as data carriers that can exert data value;

2) With the advent of the era of big data, data products are systematically implemented and applied, and the data products that are talked about on a daily basis are more defined as data carriers that can automatically exert the value of data;

3) The systematic implementation of data products is essential to build a data platform;

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The above is my understanding of data products. Different groups in different industries have different perceptions. I hope my analysis can bring you a little help.

The full text is over, I hope to grow up with you!

Broken thoughts:

I hope that the content I wrote can help you, but at the same time, I hope you can be more tolerant to me, welcome your corrections and learn from you.

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