6 Tools to Test the Speed of Your Site

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6 Tools to Test the Speed of Your Site

Semantic optimization , internal linking, netlinking… The techniques for improving the positioning of your site are as numerous as they are varie. But if you’re failing to gain positions in the SERPs , maybe the problem is with your site? For example: have you thought about carrying out a test of the loading speed of your site ? If you haven’t yet, it’s never too late to find out how this little trick works. Reduce loading time What is site load speed? First, an essential point: what does the loading time of your site correspond to? The loading time of a site begins to run from the moment the Internet user clicks on your link in the search results or on another site.

What is a slow site?

This is the time it takes for the computer to connect to information from the internet, and take the user to your fully loaded page. The text, images, URL and other links must therefore appear and be fully accessible to Internet users. However, since 2010 the loading time is a component taken Kenya Phone Number List into account by Google in the analysis of the natural referencing of sites. It is therefore very useful to look into the matter. If you do not want your site to become slow. What is a slow site? The slowness of a site is analyze by Google according to the comfort of Internet users.  In other words: no more than a blink of an eye.

What is the impact of loading speed on the SEO of a site?

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This is not the data that Google takes into account to judge the speed of a site, but it gives you a good idea of ​​what differentiates a slow site from a fast site. Of course, the loading speed due to the slowness of the internet connection should not be confused with the loading speed due News US to the weight of a site. As a web editor or author of a website, you have no control over the first definition. On the other hand. You can directly act  means that if your site does not fully appear within 4 seconds, no matter how interesting its content is, you lose more than ¼ of the Internet users. And a second later, 76% of Internet users leave your site.In other words. If the search engine algorithms notice that users leave your site only a few seconds after clicking on the link, your positioning will suffer.

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