5 marketing ideas you should get a tattoo

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5 marketing ideas you should get a tattoo

In the last 10 years the way of doing marketing has changed more than in 50. Today brands must move in this paradigm …What will you find in this content?Do not invade me, thrill meWe love what inspires usTake my breath awayInspire me or kill meDon’t ask me to follow you, inspire me to do itDeceneas if not hundreds of times we have lived … A Indian B2B Phone List brand tells us “Follow us on our social networks.” And the question I ask myself every time I listen to it is why the hell would I do it? What will you give me to do it? Should I open up my space for you to start invading me with crude messages? Have you not understood that your invasive tactics are dead?Do not invade me, thrill meIn a 2.0 stage, outbound tactics or those where brands used to throw messages in order to be noticed, has no place. Today, consumers are in absolute control. We decide what we read, who we interact with, what we buy and when we do it. We do not like to open our Facebook or our Twitter accounts to absurd commercial messages no matter how well designed they are … We open them because brands have at some point and in a certain way managed to get us interested, to click, and then we decided to give them a chance, but we hope to receive content and emotions … not to be invaded.
Today, as consumers, we can yell at brands. Did I really target your last stupid market study? It’s worth three cucumbers! I’m not here to please you or fill in your stats! It’s the opposite… You are here to inspire me! And if I like what I see, then I can decide whether or not to open my heart to you …The lesson is that we must think of the user , not of ourselves, not of our brands… Thinking of the user means knowing them, living with them. What are their problems? What does he want? How do I get him excited? And with that base, then generate products, content, experiences … And you have to understand that this information does not come from cold market studies, but from daily coexistence . That is why social networks are important!Thrill me

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We love what inspires us
Yes, relationships between brands and consumers cannot continue to be built with marketing from 15 years ago. The attraction marketing or inbound marketing is to generate content and experiences that attract and fall in love with our target group to contact us, and this interaction he decides if he wants to stay with us or go.Inspiration is the foundation of the new relationship.If we can generate it and we can penetrate the armor of our users, we will have won their minds, their hearts and their pockets. Victoria’s Secret, Coca-Cola, Dove, Marvel, Always, Virgin, Apple, Nike, Starbucks are examples of entities that with content, products and experiences they have achieved that conquest.We loveTake my breath awayRichard Bach said in his incomparable book, Illusions … “Force majeure reasons will never convince blinding emotion” And boy was he right! Indian Business Phone List Except for a few cases of B2B or highly technical products, the world is moved by emotions. Can you create content that makes your user jump out of his seat? Can you give him an experience that his need for you is such that he looks for you today? Emotion, my friend, is just a very sophisticated form of reason… Go take your breath away!How to excite customersInspire me or kill meIt’s true that many hard-line, retro-thinking marketers want and will want to continue marketing like they did more than 10 years ago… Let me tell you how Kevin Roberts opened one of the most incredible conferences I have ever witnessed “ROI is dead! Market research is dead! The old marketing is dead! ” It goes without saying that when I heard him, I almost had a heart attack, but when I listened to his presentation explaining how falling in love with a client, inspiring him, generating sensations created indissoluble bonds and built the basis of engagementI understood what he had meant; and today more than ever, in a digitized world, we have the tools and channels to do it … Yes, there will be brands and marketers who do not understand it and die facing the sun with their old marketing … but the brands that understand and turn, are those that will survive.How to create engagementDon’t ask me to follow you, inspire me to do itSo here it is, the current paradigm, based on magnetizing your users, generating matter to attract them… You are the magnet! Understand that! You can’t expect them to come to you just because you want to sell them a good product or your last survey said so , you are the magnet! I truly know! Attract them! Fall in love with them! Make sure that if tomorrow, if your brand disappeared, many, many would regret it and even go to knock on your doors to demand that you come back.Can you do that?

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