4 ways to increase traffic with Instagram

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4 ways to increase traffic with Instagram

Many marketers do not use Instagram because they see strong disadvantages such as driving traffic … If you are among them, you better read this.What will you find in this content?Add a url in your bio
Add a custom bit.ly in the comments of your photosAdd watermarks on your photos
Include calls to action in photo descriptionsYou like Instagram, you use it personally, but what prevents you from using it to promote your Italy Business Phone List is that it doesn’t allow clickable links on photos and you can’t find ways to drive traffic to your website, blog, page. of products, or wherever, is not it?If you read to the end you will learn 4 very simple ways to increase traffic with Instagram. Yes, you will see that it is not impossible to direct traffic to web pages and you will forget about the problem with links on Instagram. Instagram is very different from Pinterest that wants you to visit other sites . What Instagram wants is for you to stay there to see photos, not go to other sites. Here 4 tips:Add a url in your bioInstagram allows 150 characters for your bio. Write your bio using keywords and add a link that directsInstagram users, your followers and potential customers to the page you want them to visit on your website. You can have your home page, a bit.ly link that leads to the last blog post. The best thing about all this is that you can change the link as many times as you want. If you want them to visit your store and buy but your link leads to your home page, hardly anyone is going to bother searching.

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Italy Business Phone List

The only thing you are going to achieve is to confuse them and they will come out. Remember that Instagram is a mobile app and if your website is not optimized for mobile, you will lose them immediately.Instagram-Account-LoveFromTheOvenInstagram-account-PerfectionChocolatesThe link leads to his page on Facebook.Account-Instagram-ClassPassThe link leads to thisClassPassInstagram-Account-FashionPillsThe link leads to the storeFashionPills-StorAdd a custom bit.ly in the comments of your photoOr just mention the link in your bio. Italy Business Phone List The links in the comments on Instagram do not appear as hyperlinks but they are live links if you simultaneously share the post on Facebook or Twitter. Some Instagram users do not like that the link cannot be clicked and sometimes they will not have time to copy it to be able to open it but if they are very interested it is likely that they will.Example-ChobaniExample-Chobani3Example-Chobani4Example-OhJoyAdd watermarks on your photosWhen you create your photos for Instagram add your link or custom bit.ly. To do this you can use an app that adds watermarks:Free PhotomarksMarksta 2 $A + Signature 2 $This does not mean that you need to add a watermark to all of your Instagram photos. Kinoyoga uses watermarks or links in promotion photos.Watermark2Watermark3Watermark4Include calls to action in photo descriptionsIf you don’t tell people what you want them to do (visit your website or blog) then they would want to do it alone.Not all photos need to have a call to action but you have to be very clear about what you want them to do: visit your website, read your most recent article , enter a contest, leave a comment, mention a friend, visit your store, etc.Implement these small changes and you will notice how little by little traffic comes from Instagram.If you know a trick or secret to drive traffic from Instagram and you don’t want to keep it just for yourself, leave us a comment.

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