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22 visual tactics to boost your content

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22 visual tactics to boost your content

Images are processed 60 thousand times faster than texts … You should take advantage of that now! We give you 22 waysWhat will you find in this content?1. Phrases work on all social networks.
2. Add text on your images.
3. Create multiple pins for each article on your blog.
4. Add your logo to your blog and Pinterest images.
5. Use images in your tweets.
6. Revive an old blog post with a new look.
7. Encourage followers and customers to share photos using your products.
8. Take advantage of covers.
9. Consider creating covers for your boards on Pinterest.
10. Take advantage of the covers on Twitter
11. Create how-to images
12. Use infographics.
13. Images for Pinterest
14. Tips in images that you can share
15. Tell stories
16. Presentations
17. Use behind-the-scenes images.
18. Use high-quality images.
19. You can’t ignore the video
Optimize the images you use for each social network.
21. Find ways to implement humor into your strategy.
Reuse your content.
With platforms like Pinterest , Instagram , Snapchat, Vine, SlideShare, etc. it’s no wonder that visual content works best. Most consumers don’t pay much attention if your content is visually perfect. To stand out on social media and drive traffic to your website you have to use visual content. Visual content in the form of images, infographics, or videos attracts more attention than text. Dubai Phone Number List should take advantage of visual content because it is an extraordinary weapon for brand awareness.Read on to learn 22 visual marketing tactics and choose which ones work best for your business.1. Phrases work on all social networks.You can share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even creating a board just for phrases on Pinterest. You can use motivational phrases, inspiration, from experts in your industry, phrases from your presentations, articles, etc. There are many tools that you can use to create phrases in a few minutes that will attract attention. Be consistent with the colors and fonts you use.Example-pin-phraseExample-pin-phrase2Example-phrase-on-FacebookExample-phrase-in-Instagram22. Add text on your images.Adding text to your images is important to help you inform your message. If you use Pinterest it is better to add text to improve engagement. Canva, PicMonkey, Pablo, etc. they can help you add text very quickly to your images. Look at the difference in repin numbers with the change. Horizontal image without text vs vertical image with text that lead to the same blog post by Bob VilaExample-pin-no-textExample-pin-with-textBobVila-blog3. Create multiple pins for each article on your blog.Creating more than one image for your content on Pinterest helps you figure out what types of images work best for your followers. You can even create two images with different text for an article. In one image write the title and in the other ask a question to see what works best. Another benefit of creating multiple pins for a post is that you can pin them on multiple boards without boring your followers with the same image.Pin-no1-for-articleExample-pin-multiple

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4. Add your logo to your blog and Pinterest images.
The benefits include:- brand recognition,- visual consistency,- helps you stand out in the Smart Feed on Pinterest .Pinners are going to start to recognize your logo and whenever someone repaints your images your brand awareness grows .Target-logo-in-images-on-Pinterest5. Use images in your tweets.
Image tweets receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.Tweets-with-images-receive-more-RTTwitter-timeline-example-with-text-onlyExample-LuxuryDaily-Timeline-without-imagesExample-timeline-with-imagesExample-images-in-tweets-from-AmericanAirlinesExample-images-in-tweets-de-Disney6. Revive an old blog post with a new look.7. Encourage followers and customers to share photos using your products.Consider launching a contest to reach users in a creative way while collecting images related to your Dubai Business Phone List and products. Instagram is perfect for this type of contest, users can use a hashtag and share their photos.8. Take advantage of covers.Take advantage of them on Facebook for branding, building the list of subscribers, promotions and discounts.Example-Facebook-cover-of-MelanieDuncanExample-cover-on-Facebook-of-SprinklrExample-Facebook-cover-of-Target9. Consider creating covers for your boards on PinterestVery few businesses take advantage of the covers on ePinterest for branding. You can create eye-catching covers that hook users.Example-covers-of-boards-on-Pinterest-de-MakeupcomExample-covers-of-boards-in-Pinterest-of-MichaelKorsExample-board-covers-on-Pinterest-from-QuestNutrition10. Take advantage of the covers on TwitterDo this to show your products or the personality of your brand, reviews, etc.Example-Twitter-cover-of-DrPepperExample-Twitter-cover-of-NikeExample-Twitter-cover-of-SlideShareTarget-Twitter-cover-exampleExample-Twitter-cover-of-TripAdvisor

11. Create how-to images
Find out what your potential customers are struggling with and create related content that solves their problems. Or you can create step-by-step guides that you can share on Pinterest and Instagram.

12. Use infographics .
According to Wikipedia, infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge with the intention of presenting complex information in a clear and fast way. Pinterest is the perfect place to share your own and curated infographics. Create a dashboard with infographics related to your industry. There are several tools that can help you create your own infographics as well.Example-TravelInfographics-de-SmarterTravelExample-Food-Infographics-of-TheRightBrainCook

13. Images for Pinterest
Make sure each blog post has at least one pin-friendly image.When a visitor to your website clicks the pin it button, images appear that they can pin on one of their boards. You need high-quality, vertical images with a bit of text, images that will grab attention and invite clicks.Examples:12Hours-blog-images-pinamigablesvs ForbesExample-blog-de-Forbes-without-imagesThe only photo that appears is of the author of the article.Image-pin-friendly-photo-of-the-author

14. Tips in images that you can share
Sharing is essential… on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can share a daily tip, weekly tip, use a template, etc.15. Tell storiesUse your photos on Instagram and Pinterest. You can use the same photos for both platforms using cross promotion.Example-storytellingExample-storytelling216. Presentations
Embed SlideShare presentations on LinkedIn or on your website.17. Use behind-the-scenes images.
Arouse the curiosity of your followers, share photos of your team and how your products are produced.hashtag-Behindthescenes-InstagranBehindTheScenes-board-on-Pinterest18. Use high-quality images.19. You can’t ignore the videoUse it on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine. Create your own videos using one of these tools .Example-Vine-de-SamsungMobileUSCheck out these videos 1 and 2 from Ben & Jerry’s.Example-video-on-Instagram-of-Ben & JerryExample-video-on-Instagram-of-Ben & JerryOther brands that use video on Instagram: General Electric, Lululemon, Intel, GoPro, RedBull, etc.Brands that use native video on Facebook: RedBull, Nike, KLM, JetBlue, etc.JetBlue-videos-on-FacebookKLM-video-on-FacebookNike-videos-on-facebookRedBull-videos-on-FacebookOptimize the images you use for each social network.You need good names for the photos, with keywords and a good description when you upload it. It’s a good idea to add alt text using keywords to describe your photos to search engines to gain additional visibility with visual search engines. The size of the images matters too.21. Find ways to implement humor into your strategy.Humor related to your industry or sharing images of things that did not go well.Example-use-of-humor2Example-use-of-humor4Hubspot-dashboard-use-of-humorReuse your content You can convert presentations to video, articles to infographics, reuse videos for different platforms, etc.Create visual content to satisfy the hunger of your followers and potential customers. Give them something they can’t find elsewhere. Give them reasons to come back, visit your website, watch your videos, read your content, subscribe to your email newsletter and buy your products.

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