12 Essential WordPress Plugins For Business Blogging

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12 Essential WordPress Plugins For Business Blogging

It keeps all data passing WordPress Plugins between the browser and the web server private, which is essential for protecting data from eavesdropping. On the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List  other hand, HTTPS or HTTP Secure is the secure version of HTTP. It is a protocol for secure communication between your browser and the connected web server. It ensures that all exchanged data is encrypted for security. SSL certificate Why do I need an SSL certificate? Any website that requires visitor payment details requires an SSL certificate . For example, if you are running an e-commerce website.

Thousands of visitors will visit

Your website every day, and a lot of payment-related information. Will be generat between browsers and web servers. But how can you be sure that all the information provided by your visitors is safe and secure? Here comes SSL. Every detail provided by your website visitors will be encrypted to prevent tampering and intrusion. All payment gateways like PayPal, Avenue, Razor pay, etc. require an SSL certificate for a secure connection. Not just payment gateways, but even e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. use HTTPS and SSL to provide a great user experience for their visitors.

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How does SSL work WordPress Plugins

Typically, an SSL certificate contains your organization’s name, domain name, office address, city, state, country, code, the certificate’s expiration date, and the certificate authority, who is responsible for insuring the certificate. When your website visitors try to make a purchase, their browsers connect to a secure site. It will then restore the website’s SSL certificate to ensure. That the SSL certificate has not expire  issu by a certificate authority trusted by. The browser and is being use by the site that granted it.

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